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Apologies for the recent website problems, the re-registration deadline has been extended to November 15th. Please do re-register in order to participate in the election process via the membership page

The African Society of Human Genetics is a forum for scientists interested in Human Genetics in Africa to meet, interact, network and collaborate. The Society's aim is to equip the African scientific community and policymakers with the information and practical knowledge they need to contribute to the field of genetics research and to attract global attention to the efforts of African scientists.

A major goal of the society is the organization of a series of annual workshops and meetings in various parts of Africa.

Our last meeting was held in Accra in Ghana from May 19th-21st 2013. The theme was advancing genomics research in Africa. The meeting was attended by almost 200 people and as in previous years, was an excellent learning and networking opportunity for our members and visitors alike. More details about the meeting including a brief summary can be found here, as well as photos

Plans for the next meeting to be held in 2015 are underway and we will post information on our meetings page as it becomes available.

After over 10 years of leadership at the African Society of Human Genetics, Dr Charles Rotimi has stepped down as President. Dr Rotimi has overseen an impressive transition from a small group of 40 or so interested in parties who met in Accra in 2003 to a Society that has over 800 members, regular scientific meetings and has contributed to the advancement of genetics and genomics in sub-Saharan Africa in a number of ways. For example, a number of countries have developed their own human genetic societies and the thing that we are probably most proud of during his leadership is our role in the development of the H3Africa Initiative, and NIH/Wellcome Trust funded initiative to support development of genetics and genomics capacity in Africa for Africans to work on African diseases. AfSHG is proud to be a partner of this. The Society is grateful to Dr Rotimi for all his hard work over the 10 years and looks forward to his continued involvement in the Society in future. In the meantime, Melanie Newport will act as interim President whilst elections are arranged. Ambrose Wonkham has taken over as Secretary from Melanie Newport and Professor Raj Ramesar has taken over as Treasurer from Felix Okojie. We are grateful to Felix for his support over the years and welcome Raj in the new role as Treasurer and Ambrose in the new role of Secretary.

New members have been elected to the Board, these include Hiba Salah from Sudan, Fasil Tekola from NIH/Ethiopia, Endasaw Bekele from Ethiopia, Scott Williams from the USA and Michelle Ramsay from South Africa. Many of these individuals have already had great involvement with the Society so it is a pleasure to formalise their input.


Dear Friends and Members of the African Society of Human Genetics

You may well be aware from our website or the grapevine that Charles Rotimi stood down as the Society's President earlier this year. Until we have elected a new President, I am Acting President, and in turn Ambroise Wonkam has taken over from me as Secretary.

We went through an election nomination process a year ago, but at the Annual General Meeting held in Accra in May 2013 before voting was due to take place, a number of people who considered themselves to be members told us that they had not received any notification of the elections and did therefore not get the opportunity to nominate anyone. We therefore postponed the process. However, we do need to elect a new President. The Board met by teleconference to discuss this and recommended that everyone who is a member must re-register their membership online via the AfSHG website. There is an online form available on the main page on the updated website.

If you are a life member you do not need to re-register - we will do this for you and check your details. You will have 1 month from receipt of this email to re-register as a member. Please make sure you give us all your details and complete your re-registration by November 15th 2014. Once this re-registration process has finished, we will send round the nomination forms with further instructions as to how to nominate someone for President. Details on the election itself will follow thereafter.

We are aware that the people who did not get previous emails from AfSHG will probably not get this one either so we will also post this information on the website. We would also very much appreciate your help by forwarding this to all your contacts who are members or might like to join, and to draw people's attention to the website. We feel this is the best way we can recapture and update information about members in order to proceed to the next steps.

Please remember too that it is your responsibility as member to keep us updated with your contact details by sending your up-to-date email address or sending a membership form with your current affiliation tomembership@afshg.org

Thank you very much!

With very best wishes,

Melanie Newport

Acting President of AfSHG

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